Remove option isn't working in Chrome (Windows 10)

Hi BB team,
I’ve experienced this a couple of times before, but it usually goes away. Oddly, I’m seeing this on the newest version of BB with the BB theme installed. For some reason, when I want to delete an element using the Remove feature “x” , it doesn’t respond. Have you heard about this previously? I haven’t been able to find anything about it in the forums.

I see what happened. When the chrome window pops up and asks you to disable dialogue boxes, don’t click it. If you do, you’ll be caught in limbo where the browser doesn’t just perform the action desired in BB. You have to close out of your session completely and come back again. The dialogue boxes will stop popping up and the actions will be accepted moving forward.

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Hey Pablo,

Are you referring to the Chrome popup box that says something like don’t generate any more boxes? I get that from time to time while surfing but never when on my localhost. Thanks for sharing though! :slight_smile:


Yes. That’s exactly right. It’s just something to consider since it hung up my workflow. It’s either you keep it active, or you set it and start a new session to work through it.