Remove Page Title on Pages ONLY

I am trying to remove the PAGE titles only. I could target the fl-post-title and set it to display: none but that also kills the blog post titles so that will not work. I am coming from working with Genesis and there I can target page vs post titles and hide just the page titles. How would I do that with BB-child

The following screenshot, I am looking to remove the larger “welcome” as the topbar will be the menu so it should be there.

Hi David,
if you’re coming from Genesis you should be familiar with custom conditionals. So it should be possible to write a custom conditional in your functions.php to remove titles on pages only even if you’re not on Genesis. If you google for that you’ll find a lot of solutions.

In WordPress Codex this might help you: WordPress Codex Page.

Regards, Leo

Thanks Leo!

David - on another note, while in the builder editing interface, have you checked the global settings using the tools button in the top right corner? You can toggle off the page title there and the CSS selector you’ll need if it isn’t there is .fl-post-header. Let us know if either suggestion helps!


Thanks for two solutions… the one from Billy was perfect!

I have followed the steps Billy mentioned and still show the “signup” page title at:

Is there anything else I can try?


Just took a look and don’t see the page title so it appears you should be good to go on this.