Remove underline from advanced module - menu

I have a new wordpress install using BB child theme. No other plugins or themes active.
In page builder under advanced modules I used “Menu”.
How do I remove the underline when I hover?
I have used this plugin on another website and the underline is not there with no CSS ( I dont know where to add the custom CSS.)
Im assuming I altered something in appearance. Keep in mind I have never used custom css.

Hey Peter!

Thanks for getting in touch! I don’t think we have an option in the BB theme to enable underline on hover for menus. Can you share with us the URL of your site so we can take a close look?


Hi, Thanks Jun
Its both the menu at the top and the bottom of page.
This was done on a clean wordpress install with BB child theme

Hi Peter,

This underline on hover styling is actually coming from a plugin called PriceTable.


If you add the following CSS it will override that plugins CSS.

.fl-module-menu .fl-menu li a:hover {
  text-decoration: none !important;


Awesome Thanks