Remove Unused CSS breaks my page

Logged in, the themer page looks great. Logged out, it’s not being applied.
This is a site with many many parts, singular layouts, etc. It’s just this one.
I thought it might have to do with a post type because it’s only happening on a new post type that I installed. But why is it only when I am logged out? I thought it might have to do with my Members plugin and the roles, but the themer layout does not even use roles.
Thoughts anyone?

Not sure whose ‘fault’ it is, but the problem is the interaction between CM Glossary Tooltips, BB Themer, and WP Rocket. The caching was breaking the page so I excluded the series from caching. Not optimal, but they are light pages.

Narrowed it down. WP Rocket allows to optimize css delivery by removing unused css. That breaks the styling on my Beaver Themer created page. I’ll dig deeper to see if I can isolate a specific item but if anyone else has had a page break due to removing unused css, let me know…