Remove Worpress Blog as opening page

Forgive me but this is probably a very stupid question.
I have loaded BBPro and been playing around and have created a second test page using the Scroller theme.I get the basic workings of the templates i think and how to create and adapt etc - its all cooland i look forward to playing with it

What I can’t get my head around or find a way to resolve is how one stops the initial Wordpress blog page loading as the home / landing page for the website Ur.

I don’t want the blog, just the Scroller page for instance as the website page
How do you remove the WP blog as the landing page URL

I’ve looked in Support but am I missing something fundamental here ?
Thank you

Hey Chris,

No worries at all! The setting you are looking for is in your dashboard via settings > reading. There, you’ll see where you can set the static homepage to anything other than the blog and set a blog page if needed. Let us know if you need anything further there! We have a decent getting started article too if that helps.