Removing BeaverBuilder from WooCommerce checkout

I run a fairly high-traffic WooCommerce store on high end enterprise-grade hosting. While virtually every page on our site loads near-instantaneously, our checkout page takes a good 5-6 seconds to load. I don’t mean 5-6 seconds to render, but 5-6 seconds of just waiting before the page even appears to start loading, which is obviously pretty rough.

Using Code Profiler Pro, as well as my host’s X-Ray monitoring, I’ve identified that BeaverBuilder functions are responsible for a BIG chunk of the processing time on the checkout page. I don’t fully understand how or why this would be the case because the checkout page is about as stripped down as it can be. I’m basically just using the WooCommerce checkout shortcode, an ultra-simple header, and that’s it. Yet there are thousands of functions being called, database queries, etc, all started by BB.

At this point, I want to just completely remove ANY BeaverBuilder code whatsoever from running on the checkout page. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.