Removing the Powered by Beaver

I followed this:

Removing Site-Wide
To remove the header and footer site-wide, navigate to the WordPress Customizer under Appearance > Customize. Once there, the setting to remove the header is under Header > Header Layout > None. The setting to remove the footer is under Footer > Footer Layout > None.

Removing Per-Page
To remove the header and footer on a per-page basis, just create a new page and then select the “No Header/Footer” template in the page attributes meta box as shown in the screenshot below.

and it still didn’t work…

Hi Jeremiah,
So when you created a new page and selected No Header/Footer, what did the resulting page look like?
I have done this a few times and it creates a completely blank page which I can then use BB to start adding the content.
Rgds, Dave

like this

OK I think your problem is with your permalinks & not with the BB themne.
Try this:
Go into Settings >> Permalinks (n WP-Admin)
Change it to ‘Post Name’ by clicking the Post Name option
Then click the Save Changes button.
When it refreshes click the Save Changes button again (odd I know but sometimes this is necessary)
Then go back to that page and see how it looks.
Report back !

Thanks I was really hoping it was that easy. But still there.

OK, but this does not change the fact that it is a permalink issue - maybe WP is not able to write your .htaccess file ? Which becomes a hosting issue…
When you made the change did the URL of the page change ?

no. It happened after I upgraded to pro

Can you share a URL to see it ?

I thought I did. What slide more links do you need. It seems to buried in all the footers.

OK, so the first link had page id 8341 on the end indicating the permalinks are set to ID
Then I got you to change the permalinks to posts - and are those two pages now supposed to be header/footer free?

Plugin conflict ?

possibly. But how would a plugin conflict insert something from beaver. Strange?

possibly. But how would a plugin conflict insert something from beaver. Strange?

Doesn’t seem to be though. I just bulk deactivated all of them. And it’s still there…

Hey Jeremiah,

I just checked all the pages above and they don’t have the footer anymore. Did you figure out the problem?


Yeah Ben. I think I had a last minute late night Eureka moment. lol. I’ll let you know if anything pops up! I think I was under the customizer>Footer: Footer Layout > none

ON a second note. I can’t get the beta beaver builder plugin to install.

Hey Jeremiah,

You’ll have to remove the other version first prior to installing the beta version. You can’t have both installed at the same time. :slight_smile:


We have published a step-by-step video how to remove the Powered by Beaver Builder in the footer.