representation of line length on desktop ok, but not on smartfone

Hey Ben,

Problem 1:
On landing page, please scroll down to “Unser Bestseller”.
On desktop view all looks fine. It comes especially to the word “Pflanzenstärkung”.
On smartfone view the width is reduced, probably cause of “Pflanzenstärkung”.

So how can i solve the problem?

Problem 2:
Same problem, other underside. Desktop view is OK, smartfone view not.
Please scroll down.
It relates to all 5 products, that are listed underneath.

Hope you’ve got a good solution for me.


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Hey Tom,

Apologies for the delayed response, it was a crazy busy Monday yesterday!

So for problem one, the word is a bit too long for a mobile’s viewport, so it goes outside of its container. Since this is a heading, I’d suggest using our Heading module. That way, you can change the font-size on mobile view.

Same thing is happening on your second problem, some of the words are too long.

I believe the third problem will be fixed once you switch them to Heading modules. Can you try that first and we’ll take it form there? :slight_smile:


Thx Ben, that worked out fine!!

Hope, that Tuesday and Wednesday is a better one … :wink:


Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to inform us, Tom. And yes, they were a bit better. :slight_smile: