Responsive Photo Gallery Pro bug with Beaver Builder Plugin

I absolutely love Beaverbuilder. It’s the greatest pagebuilder around. I do, however, have a small incompatibility bug to report.

I’m using the Responsive Photo Gallery Pro plugin, by Weblizar, on my web page at
When I open this page with PageBuilder, all of the text in the Text Editor window is displayed in color White (so it appears there is no text unless examined in Text mode). Also the Gallery does not display.
If I disable Responsive Photo Gallery Pro, the Text and Gallery on the page appear properly in the Beaverbuuilder edit window along with gallery shortcode [RPG id=3461].

I tried altering the Gallery plugin’s “Light Box Style”, and that did not change the problem.
The plugin home page is

Please see if you can fix this incompatibility between plugins.
Tom R

My website page is

Hey Tom,

Good to hear the plugin is working out for you! And thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it! :slight_smile: Re the issue, I took a peek at your site and noticed the plugin is adding styling to general texts and declaring it as important. This overrides the styling we have for the texts on the modal popups inside the builder. Do you think you can share temp admin access to your site so we can check further?


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Hi Tom,

Unfortunately, we don’t load in any 3rd party buttons or editor add-ons in the builder text editor module. Reason being, 3rd party editor enhancements were introducing too many unknowns/bugs. Such as the one you’re experiencing and if you look at the Text module, you see that the layout and all WYSIWYG buttons have gone.


Therefore, this isn’t a bug with Beaver Builder, but how that plugin is adding it’s button to the editor in my opinion. You can use the following the CSS, to force any text in the editor to black. However, this isn’t very elegant and I think the best course of action is for you to contact their support team.

.js .tmce-active .wp-editor-area {
    color: #000 !important;


Thanks Danny,
I will contact the Responsive Gallery support.
Until fixed, I’ll just deactivate the Gallery plugin when I want to edit that page.


No problem, Tom. Happy to help.