Restaurant Website Design in German

Hi There,
just sharing my latest personal project called RestaurantBOOSTER, which is a Webdesign and Online Marketing Service for Restaurants, Cafes and Food-Trucks in the german market.


I’m excited to hear your feedback. BB all the way.

All the best,

Hey Mattis,

Thanks so much for sharing, that site is gorgeous! Few suggestions if I may…Perhaps the With Booster and Without Booster sections should be switched? People read left to right so having those value props first may help a bit with conversion. Also, the section below that with the 5 white columns. I may suggest using our new equal column height option in those so they all match. Other than that, love it!!! :slight_smile:


Hey Billy,
thanks for the compliment. I took you up on your recommendations and implemented them right away. The new equal column height is a true lifesaver in situations like these :slight_smile: Thanks for the tipps, the encouragement and the awesome product!


Awesome, Mattis, site is looking great! :slight_smile: