Reworked my main website.

Hi Guys,

I have just re-worked my website with the help of BB.

check it out here:

Also a sub-site:



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Hi Stephen,

I have used a row with 3 column and in the first column I have added a menu module.
I have made changes with the style setting in that column.
In advanced setting of the column, I have added - Margin - Top [value = -100 ] and you are done.



Many thanks for the reply. I understand doing a custom menu for the links in the side bar but how did you do a different icon beside each link - was that through Uber Menu please ? Great sidebar !

Best wishes,


Earlier I used uber for top menu, but removed due to lack of options in icon. I use fortawesome.

I used the technique taught in forum here at beaverbuilder.

Paste the icon info before the name of menu item in wordpress menu.

Eg. Past <i class=“fa fa-home”></i> before “HOME” menu item in wordpress menu and save the menu, Thats it.

Hope that helps.



I thought you were talking about homepage, my bad.

I have just added custom menu to widget, installed fixed widget plugin and given top margin in settings to maintain it below the top menu.

Thats it, And about icons already explained above.


Hey Sourab! Those look great. I LOVE the baby video. That’s so funny/catchy. Very nice work!

Many thanks Sourabh - that is a great help. Many thanks for the advice and best wishes with your web building !