Roles and Capabilities


I am new to adding custom capabilities, so am hoping for some guidance. What I would like have is a role (author or editor?) that has the ability to edit pages and posts, but cannot add or remove modules or change the layout of the pages. Basically, I only want to give users the ability to Edit the exiting content. I see there is a section in Settings that allow me to add capabilities, but I am unsure how to go about it. I have read the through the Codex regarding Roles and Capabilities, but still stuck.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey Mark,

That’s certainly possible! Under Settings > Page Builder > Editing, you can set a capability that is required to be able to use the page builder to its full extent, e.g., add modules, move them around and the usual stuff. If the user’s role doesn’t have the capability you set in there, it can only edit existing content provided it has the capability required to do so.

For example, the Editor role doesn’t have the update_core capability, but it has edit_pages. If you set update_core as the Editing Capability on the BB settings, all Editors can only edit existing content on pages.

Hope this makes sense, and let us know if we can assist further! :slight_smile:


Thank Ben! Exactly what I needed.

No worries at all, Mark! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: