rollover image...

Is there a way that we can do rollover images either in html or css… or within the plugin.
If I do it via posts… it becomes active to links which I don’t want. (on international page) example website… exactly what I am trying to produce.

Or if you know of a plugin that works well… with BB

Hi Pauline,

Are you referring to all the images where when you hover over them a colored background appears with text?

If so, this isn’t possible out-the-box with Beaver Builder and therefore, will require either a plugin or custom code.

You could try the link below. Please, be aware that I haven’t tested this with BB.


Thanks Danny
The link you sent worked a treat. I managed to reconfigure to suit what I required.
It would be nice eventually to have this available within BB plugin. This would be a big ask, but I am asking anyway.
check out the results…

Appreciated your help Danny … thanks so much

Hi Pauline,

Unfortunately, I can’t access your site to see the results. However, awesome job and happy to hear your issue has been resolved.

If you have time, why not post your idea to our User Voice? This way your suggestion/idea won’t get lost in our forums.