rounded corners


I am testing out a new site here and its been suggested that the images in the callouts would look better with rounded edges - is it possible to do this? Would it be possible to do the same to my column background above the callouts?

Thanks in advance


Hi Jo,

Thanks for getting in touch! Re. your questions, rounded corners are not possible with images or column backgrounds at this time using BB. However, the callout images can be created with rounded corners in Photoshop if you like and saved as PNGs to give that effect fairly easily. Hope that helps!


Hi Jo,

I have not tested, but you could also do it the CSS way by adding a CSS class in the “advanced” tab of the photo module then adding the style to the custom CSS area of the Automator theme.

If you added this to the photo module:


You would add this to you theme’s custom CSS area:

.round-corners .fl-photo-content img {
border-radius: 20px;

I put border-radius at 20px as this seemed to match your one rounded image. If it does not work try adding !important just before the semi-colon.

Hi David

Thanks for taking the time to advise me on this, much appreciated


Here is how to add rounded corners to a column background (i.e. when you add background color)

Inspect element - find column ID

.fl-node-123456789b988f .fl-col-content {
border-radius: 15px;
-moz-border-radius: 15px;

Be great if Beaver team added this to advanced tab to make it easy for users (especially non-tech)