Row background image going to broken path

Hello -

We are trying to use a hero image on our home page ( and having the below issue:

-beaver Builder is saving it’s path like this:

-as you can see the path to the folder is going to a folder called cache/http:// which is obviously wrong

Any advice about how to resolve this would be much appreciated!
thanks, Dave

Hey Dave,

Thanks for getting in touch and great looking site! I inspected the row background and I am actually getting this path: Where are you seeing the path you mention above?


After a bit more testing, it looks like there is a conflict with a plugin, we just haven’t figured out which one yet.

Ah gotcha, let me know what you find!

Hmm. Not to re-open this issue but I’m having a similar problem with (at least) one of my development sites.

Here’s the behavior:

Add a background image to a row in BeaverBuilder (agency version) on my desktop dev environment (DesktopServer v 3.8.0) Save the page.
Backup the site with BackupBuddy (latest version)
Upload the site to a staging server (SiteGround or DreamHost) using BackupBuddy’s ImportBuddy script (which includes… or at least should include… path migration for all tables and rows in the database.)

View the site: background image doesn’t show up. Inspect the image with Firebug or Chrome Explorer, the image path still points to my DesktopServer path.

Open the page with BeaverBuilder… wait a second or two (no editing, just opening) and the images all snap into place. Done -> Publish the page and the images display correctly. Inspect the images with Firebug and the paths are saved correctly.

This happens in both directions incidentally, as when I download the site from a staging server and re-import it into DeskTop server. The fix is to edit each page then immediately save. But… that’s… random.

It’s always possible this is a bug in BackupBuddy (I’m going to file a similar report with them in just a minute.) But I at least wanted to give you a head’s up.

If you’ve seen the behavior elsewhere, or if you’ve got a suggestion, I’d love to hear it.

Also, when I have time I’ll try and generate a reproducible script with a minimal installation (WordPress, BeaverBuilder, BackupBuddy.)


Hey David,

Interesting indeed! I’ve gotten this a few times with migrations, but it’s intermittent for me. If it does come up, I tend to just install Better Search and Replace, run the serialized search and replace again and that always seems to clear up the issue. It sounds like there could be something going on with BackupBuddy, but I don’t normally use that for my migrations. Let me know what you find out!