Row Background Image Problems with Multisite subsite

I’m using BB on a subdomain of a multisite.

While BB is active, I can add a background image to the Row (full width), save it. See it.

Until I click Done and Publish. After that, the Row background image is gone.

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Hey Kelly,

It looks like you are in there editing so I won’t take over at this point. Re. the issue, have you tried the usual suspects/workflow for pinpointing bugs. If you could give the below a shot, that will help us figure out what might be going wrong:

  • Disable all plugins and test the Beaver Builder while reactivating each to determine if the issue is related to a 3rd party plugin.
  • Important - step by step instructions on how to recreate the issue.
  • Provide browser versions being used and error logs, if possible.


Well, I reactivated plugins one by one. Didn’t find a conflict but the problem is solved!

Fantastic news, glad to hear all is good again!