Row background size

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I would like to know if there is a way I can fix the size of my masthead, which is a row background. The image is sized 1200 x 470, which is how I would like it to appear, but the BB likes to resize it depending on what is within that row.

Increasing the padding on the row background does cause the whole image to show, and in the correct size, but then I am no longer able to have my text towards the top of the image, which I would like.

Currently the whole image is shown by a large padding increase. Is there a way I can sort this out?


I could work around this with an empty text box,

When I look at this other site, I can zoom in and out and the image stays put

I am hoping to achieve this. Is this possible with BB, or do I need to learn some code/get in a dev to make that happen?

I have set the row setting to fill, which seems to have solved 1/2 the problem, but the vertical size changes. Additionally, the background looks very odd on mobile.

Is there a workaround?

Hey Adam,

The site is custom coded, at least the masthead part is. It’s not using a background image. It’s using an img tag with the text absolutely positioned. If you want it exactly like that, then yes, you’ll have to learn CSS and HTML. I would recommend as I learned these there. :slight_smile:

Checking your site, it seems you’ve only applied the padding on the top. If you want the text to be on top of the image, I’d suggest placing the padding on the bottom part. If you want that part to look fine on mobile, I’d suggest placing the text on the middle, placing an equal amount of padding on the top and bottom. You can also change the background on mobile view. Check the KB article below.

Hope this helps!


Yeah that helps great - come to think of it that is a fairly obvious workaround :stuck_out_tongue:

Learning the languages after my site is bootstrapped.