Row Background Type select box has extra output before options

This is the actual output. You can see that somehow its echoing selected=“selected” inside the select box but not as an attribute to an option.

<select name="bg_type" data-toggle="{&quot;color&quot;:{&quot;sections&quot;:[&quot;bg_color&quot;]},&quot;photo&quot;:{&quot;sections&quot;:[&quot;bg_color&quot;,&quot;bg_photo&quot;,&quot;bg_overlay&quot;]},&quot;video&quot;:{&quot;sections&quot;:[&quot;bg_color&quot;,&quot;bg_video&quot;,&quot;bg_overlay&quot;]},&quot;slideshow&quot;:{&quot;sections&quot;:[&quot;bg_color&quot;,&quot;bg_slideshow&quot;,&quot;bg_overlay&quot;]},&quot;parallax&quot;:{&quot;sections&quot;:[&quot;bg_color&quot;,&quot;bg_parallax&quot;,&quot;bg_overlay&quot;]}}">
		<option value="none" selected="selected">None</option>
		<option value="color">Color</option>
		<option value="photo">Photo</option>
		<option value="video">Video</option>
		<option value="slideshow">Slideshow</option>
		<option value="parallax">Parallax</option>

Looks like this may be true for many if not all select boxes. Are you by chance calling selected( $value, $option ) without the 3rd parameter set to false? Thus echoing it when you mean to store it as a variable?

Hey Daniel,

I’ve already assigned another member of the team to assist you with your concern.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for pointing out this issue. I can’t believe it has gone undetected all of this time! I’ve already pushed a fix for this and will have that in the next maintenance update.


@Justin - Not a problem.