Row backgrounds after migration

Hello and thanks for your time,

I am testing my site migration before the definitive migration on june.

I used interconnect it php script for the database url.

I tested migration it locally and online.

On both cases, everything is fine with BB, except one issue.

I used on every page one row with a full width background.

> after migration all backgrounds switched to the small thumbnail 150 * 150 and it's like there is no background

      > i have to set for all pages the backgound to full size (image choice is still ok, i just have to change size)

Have you got an idea to solve this ?

There will be many pages when it will be definitively online :s


PS : images have the same problem.

Every image of the site is set to thumbnail

Hello Adelino,

Did you clear the Beaver Builder cache after doing the serialized search and replaced? If not, try clearing it out first. The steps are here.


Ues i did it with the clear cache button and manually, locally and online, clear browsers cache also.

I do not understand because of this :

 > In my web computer brower, even after clearing cache, images appear normally, backgrounds row and normal pictures at good size, even if they are set as thumbs in BB.

      > In fact, i did not realize this problem until i checked on my i phone and asus tab how does the site looks.

            =  When i realize all images were not shown, i went to the Bbuilder and check images : there i saw all are correcty chosen, but all are set as thumbnails, photos and backgrounds, even in my BB templates

I have to set them to fullsize and then it’s ok. But once again, i cannot to this in “production mod”.

I tried again the interconnect script with and without guid, locally and online : same result.

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Ok, i get part of it,

When i checked css layouts, every image name stayed with the local site name.

Where BB record css layouts before rebuilding them into the cache plugin after cleraing it ?

Also, like my local sites are on my computer, when i go to my online site with the images url targeting my localfolder, it’s ok. That’s why no image appear on my iphone and tab.

How can i replace BB image url like the interconnect it php script does not ?

Also, it can be a solution to change all css layouts url but the problem is as soon as i clear the cache, BB is rebuilding css layouts with the old local url

Hey Adelino,

We are currently checking on the issue for you. Will update you in a few. :slight_smile:


Hello Adelino,

The problem seems to stem from missing a step here. When you did the serialized search and replace, what did you search for and what did you replace it with? And just to verify, you did delete the cache folder on the migrated site, right?


I used the php serial script wich select all databases and then replace my local url Like http://localhost/mysite to Http:// I clear cache manualy. I Check page and then i Check bb css layouts and i can see image url still local one


There is a problem during the database url changes.

The script did not all post meta url cells and some posts cells.

I will do another tests tomorrow.

PS : the problem may be from my database url change method.

I will test further.


to end this post, the problem was that the Interconnect it php script did not change the postmeta url. So in the bb css layouts, all images had the local url.

i used a plugin called “Wp Migrate” and everything is ok now

Hey Adelino,

Glad you got it figured out! Sometimes I encounter problems like that too. What I usually do now though, is not include the http:// when changing the URLs. So instead of using http://localhost/mysite and, I just use localhost/mysite and I figured some entries on the DB do not have the http:// so those entries aren’t seen by the script and are ignored. Anyway, I will be marking this as resolved since you got it working.