Row image on iPad in the Landscape view is extremely stretched out


Can you please take a look at front page on an iPad 2/3/4 device if you have one? The row at the very top is excessively stretched out vertically stretching out the background image to the point you cannot even see it plus you have to keep scrolling down to get to the text located within the row that is actually supposed to be above the fold.

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Hey Marina,

We just checked the site via an iPad and can’t see anything wrong. Do you think you can take a screenshot of how it looks on your end and post it here so we can check? You can upload images to an image sharing site like imgur and paste the link here.


Hi Ben,

Thank you for verifying the site on your end. I have realized that the difference could be due to the IOS that was not up to date on my iPad. I upgraded to the latest version and it works correctly.

Thank you very much,

Awesome! And thanks for taking the time to inform us, Marina. We really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Enjoy BB!