Row slideshow background issue on search results page

Hi guys,

I experience a weird issue. There is a row with slideshow background displayed immediately after opening BODY tag on search results page. Here is how to recreate the issue:

  1. I use WP4.1 (Multisite), Twenty Fifteen theme, no plugins but BB Pro activated.
  2. Enable the BB for posts.
  3. Create a post and use BB to add content. I've just added a text module and set its row to full width + set the row background slideshow. You can name the post something significant like "thisisbbtest".
  4. On website frontend search for "thisisbbtest" and see the result. There is slideshow displayed on top of the page. I have no idea where this comes from...

Do you experience the same? Can you fix the issue please?

Actually, I’ve just tested on your website - the demo try - and it is the same for page, for any post type. Not sure whether you will see this but

Also, would it be possible to set the row width to “full” by default and content width to “fixed”? This would make more sense I think. Or would it be possible to set these default values in global settings maybe?

Thanks and regards,


Hey, webmandesign,

I’ve experienced the same issue and reported it too a day ago, so they’re aware of this and we’ll probably get a fix for this soon, I hope!

Hi diegoliv,

OK, thank you. Sorry for ticket duplication, guys.



Hey Oliver! No worries, we appreciate you taking the time to give us a heads up. Please don’t hesitate to let us know about these things in the future. We’re looking into this and hopefully we’ll get a fix out ASAP.