Row styling not applying

I’m working on this test site and for some reason my styling that’s been added to my row element is not applying (namely background colour, right text also has margin to bring it inline with left para text

See here:

any thoughts?

Hi Graffig,

Is it possible for you to provide temp admin access, please? So we can take a closer look.


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Hey Darron,

I visited your site just now and I can see the background color is already applied. Did you figure it out? Check the screenshot below for reference.

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Hi Ben

That’s weird because no margins, colours etc are being applied frontend - see here:

Ben, not too sure what’s going on - styling applied now!! Cache issue?

Hi Darron,

Do you have a cache plugin installed? As I noticed when viewing your site’s page source that you have several directories called cache, but no indication of whether this is a plugin or not, but appears to be related to something called “Nextend”.


Hey Danny

That looks like it my slider plugin - will have a chat with them and see what’s what

Thanks again


No problem, Darron.


Cheers ?