"Save Draft" makes no sense to me

After some editing I clicked “done” with the intention to “publish changes” but accidentally clicked “save draft.”

No worries I thought, my changes have been saved. So I go back in to page builder and no changes are there :frowning:

If save doesn’t save then what does it do?

P.s. On a related note I’m new to BB and sure I’ll get used to it soon but I’m finding myself mis-clicking on the “what would you like to do?” screen much more frequently than I do pretty much anywhere else (in BB, in other apps, on the interwebs, etc). I’m always clicking below my intended target. I think part of the reason is there is a huge blue “cancel” button as the primary CTA at the bottom of the window doing everything it can do drag my eyes and cursor down (I’ve accidentally clicked discard changes and the cancel button too). Why would you make the cancel button the primary CTA? That would imply most people clicking the done button clicked it accidentally and want to cancel out. Cancel probably doesn’t even deserve it’s own button. An x in the upper right corner to close the pop up would be better. And why is there a pop up anyway. Why do I have to drag my cursor half way across the screen? Why aren’t these options conveniently built into the right side bar like everything else. Of all the clicks in the page builder mode these clicks are the most critical because this is where you save or lose your work. But at the most critical moment the UI is at its worst.

P.p.s. Overall I’m really happy with BB. This one little pop up does drive me crazy though.

Hey Thomas!

Thanks so much for the feedback and really sorry about the trouble.

The save draft feature should work as you expected. Are you running any plugins that might be causing a conflict? Would you mind quickly disabling any other plugins and checking to see if that resolves the issue?

If it doesn’t, could you possibly set me up with a temporary admin account so I can go in and peek around.

Regarding the UI feedback, thanks a ton for that, too! Our thinking was that publishing changes to a page would be a critical step, and we didn’t want people to accidentally hit publish. Seeing this, though, I do think we probably improve this piece a bit.

This kind of feedback is super helpful! We get a of tunnel vision on this kind of thing and having a fresh perspective is really helpful. I’ll see what we can do!

It’s all good.

I really don’t know what happened. Maybe I clicked the “discard” button though I’m 99% sure it was save.

Anyways, now every time I click the done button I’m reminded of my mini-rant so I don’t think I have to worry about mis-clicking ever again.

And I’m supper busy right now so, while I appreciate the generous offer, I’m not too worried about diagnosing whether something went wrong or I really mis-mis-clicked (or mis-remembered my mis-click?).

Thanks for the update.

Just to confirm, is the save draft feature working for you?

If not, whenever you have a chance, we’d love to dig into that.

Thanks again for the follow-up. =)