save laytou with two columns and several modules

I have a layout with a sidebar on the left.
This left sidebar I have 3 modules: TEXT, TAB, AND MENU

The question is: Is it possible to save all this sidebar with 3 modules for use in possar other pages? Because I just saved the modules and on each page I create a new layout with a sidebar to aesquerda and I’m dragging the modules I saved. But I think a lot of work so I would like to know if you have another format that is dragging all at once.

Note: As I understand it is not possible to save this module as Global Settings because I have several modules in a correct layout line?

Hi Rafael,

You can save an entire row globally, but unfortunately, not just the sidebar of a row. There isn’t a workaround aside from saving each module globally, sorry about that, Rafael!


Similarly, it is also impossible to save a column (eventually with several modules inside) as one global template? (Probably… but please add it to the wish list :o)

What if I have used a global template (consisting of a eg. wp widget) in a column - and later find out that some other module would work better… Is it somehow possible to switch the widget with eg. a text module? The goal, of course, would be to make the change happen everywhere where the global template is used. Could be o sort of workaround for the first problem…


Hi Kjetil,

No, unfortunately, the ability to save just a column isn’t possible at this time. Essentially, you could save a single column row though and that would accomplish the same thing for the most part depending on the use case. When you save a row globally, you can also edit it in one spot and it will reflect accordingly wherever you have placed it. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!


Saving a column as global would be so handy, that way we can create a global column, that can be used in BB sidebar rows.

Hey Marcel,

You can save a single column row as a Global Template and apply that to your sidebar column. Have you given that method a shot? :slight_smile:



I have saved a single column row as a global template, but I cannot drag the row into the sidebar column on another page. Is there something I’m missing?

Ah right, sorry. I meant adding it using the shortcode fl_builder_insert_layout. More info on the link below. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben, that works as expected :slight_smile:

Awesome, and thanks for informing us, Marcel! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: