Save page built in BB as PDF

Hi guys,

Kudos as always on how easy BB has made my life!

I know this question is a bit outside the norm, but here goes. Do you have any ideas about how to save a webpage built in Genesis + Dynamik + BB as a PDF that contains all the elements? I’m on Mac. Safari has a Save as PDF feature, but not all the elements port. Same with an online service I tried. It appears to be the more advanced things CSS3 stuff like elements that have animations. I know that animations, parallax, etc. won’t actually behave that way in a static PDF, but I was hoping the elements would come over. Any thoughts are appreciated.


Hi Teresa,

I have never tried to do this, so I am not entirely sure if the page will look entirely how you expect. Effects like Parallax and similar will never be included in a PDF.

Also, if you’re doing this for printing reasons, you may want to see Robby’s reply here -


sorry i tried a plugin to save page in pdf format but whit the beaver builder page Nothing stay in place and the pdf document look like scrapp so there is exist a plugin will fit whit bb built page ?

Hi Caroline,

I am not aware of any plugin that will allow you to convert your BB page into a .PDF unfortunately.

The only thing I can think of is for you to take a screenshot of your site and then add the image to the .pdf. Would that work?