Saved module shortcode in beaver themer layout not working

I saved a standard beaver builder module (group icons) and use the shortcode in the wordpress classic editor page.

[fl_builder_insert_layout id="123"]

The module is showing correct on the front-end but NOT when I build a Themer Layout for that page.

In the themer-layout of Beaver Themer I use a text-module and connect it with the post-content.

The content is showing on the front-end but not the saved icon-group module. There is a big white space between text alinea’s and when I inspect it with Chrome the icons and div classes are in the html visible but nog on the rendered page.

Any idea how to solve this?


Out of curiosity, did you try using an html module for the shortcode in themer instead of a text module?

Thanks for your reply!
No, not working with the HTML module. I think this is a bug?

As mentioned in my reply to your ticket, please try using the Post Content module instead of a module that is connected to the Post Content. That should do it.