Saved row ( hero image with title ) in 1.7.4

Hi Guys, we updated to 1.7.4 and now we’re experiencing an issue.
We have a saved row, but can’t seem access the title on it?

Anyone else having this issue?

Hi Elizabeth,

Yes, we ran into a bug with the latest version and are looking into a fix asap. It appears to only be with a row that has a bg overlay applied. If you need to make a content tweak, go ahead and remove the bg overlay which should allow you to edit. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hey Elizabeth,

Just letting you know we’ve already fixed this on our end and will be available on the next maintenance patch. In the meantime, you can add the CSS snippet below to fix the issue.

.fl-block-overlay-active .fl-row-content {
  z-index: 100007 !important;


Update: we’ll be releasing 1.7.5 today as the bug seems to be a big one.