Saved Rows Revert To Old Data


Our team is having issues with saved rows reverting to previous data. It’s as simple as a info box with “$100” typed into to, clicking save, then upon a refresh or waiting a short period it simply shows “$50” (a price not used since many weeks/months ago).

I’ve spent +5 hours trying to resolve this to no avail. I have attempted editing the functions.php to remove revisions which I read in this forum had resolved the issue some years back. I have attempted building brand new Info Boxes and saving these as their own modules, then inserting them into the Rows to no avail.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance. Thanks,

Hi Brett,

If this is only happening with the Info Box module then you will want to contact the UABB support team.

If the issue happens with Beaver Builder core modules, please submit a ticket. :slight_smile:

Hi Danny,

Thanks for your response. Am I correct in assuming anything not labelled UABB is therefore core BB modules?

I, by chance and after more hours than I’d like to admit, found a workaround. Changing the text to an SVG image of the text has resolved the issue - hopefully for good!

Kind regards,