Script in head code only works while logged in as admin, The code I entered doesn't show for visitors

First I’m not a web developer, I’m a marketer. I am using an automation tool that requires a pixel to be added to the head code of my website, I use BB Theme.

Code is
<script type="text/javascript" src="//" async></script>

I added it to the head code and while I am logged in as an admin and browsing the website, the code fires and I see my online forms ( - But when I log off WordPress, then the code doesn’t show up and the forms give a 404 error.

Any ideas what is causing this? GoDaddy built the site and their support team is off until Mondaty and I’d like to fix our online forms sooner.


Clear the cache!!
Adding a random variable to the url you can see the uncached page

Number 1 rule… any problem ANY… turn of the caching… you probably dont even need it unless you are getting millions of hits a day or your site is hosted on an old toaster…

Appreciate the help! Again, not an IT or web guy myself so this is news to me. I point the FAIL on GoDaddy’s side,

godaddy will not have installed a premium cache plugin, they have their own server side caching.