Scroller id


I have used the scroller id/link on my clients site and it works brilliantly, however when playing with it initially I added the code first to the Header ID rather than the row ID. I have now moved it to the row ID but when checking the validator, I’m getting a Duplicate ID warning.

Do the ID’s get deleted when removed from the CSS Selector area in the settings? I’d like to eliminate the duplicate ID from the validator:


Many thanks


Hey Kathryn,

There could be caching involved here. If you have a caching plugin installed, can I have you try clearing the cache? In addition, clearing the BB cache which can be found via the dashboard > settings > page builder > cache. Let me if that helps!


Hi Billy

Thanks for the quick Friday response! Yes clearing BB cache did the trick - so simple but I couldn’t see it! Thank you!!

Have a great weekend, I am loving BB, it has halved (at least) my work load :))


Awesome Kat, great to hear! You have a fantastic weekend as well! :slight_smile: