Shift ONE Beaver Builder Sites

Hey all,
we don’t normally do this kind of thing, but we at Shift ONE are so impressed by these guys that we haven’t built a single site this year on anything else since discovering BB.

Have a look:
Our own website, rebuilt in Jan, and looking goooood. Ironically, we didn’t use any parallax in this build, but we do on others.
On this build we mastered the transparent header going to semi-transparent in sticky mode, and also found a nifty mega menu plugin that kinda does the job.
Would be great if you guys could incorporate these 2 features into your theme.
A non-profit website aligned with mercy ships.
This was the first time we used a video background with a transparent header in this theme. Looks pretty awesome!
This is still a build in progress (at the time of writing) and is a one page site with anchor link menu’s and an animated slider.

That by no means shows all the sites we’ve built on BB, but it is a good indication of what we have managed to do here in sunny Cape Town, ZA, using Beaver Builder

Keep up the good work guys~!

Hey John. Good stuff. We appreciate the share. Keep up the good work! =)