Shortcode from Plugin not Displaying Properly

I am using the Testimonial WordPress Plugin shortcode. It works properly when I am in the page builder and displays, but then when I publish the page, only the actual shortcode displays.

I am using the HTML module and pasting the shortcode in there.

The site is

Hey Jesse! Thanks for reaching out. Can you send me a link to the Testimonials plugin you’re using? I want to play with it, but I am not sure which one you’re using!?

Hi, sorry about that. Here you go:

Thanks Jesse! I didn’t realize it was a premium plugin =O

I was doing some experimenting this morning, it does look like we have a bug relating to shortcodes. We’re looking into it now.

If it possible, could you either send me a .zip file of the plugin, and or, could I get a login to your site so I can go checkout the error with your setup?


I can, but can you send me an email? I can do either, but would rather not post login info or a link to the file publicly.


Sure thing, you can send everything to robby [at] fastlinemedia [dot] com

Hi Robby, did you edit something? now I cannot drop modules in Page Builder. When I click on a module or Row Layout to try and drag it, the menu just collapses.

Jesse, I didn’t edit anything. I am looking into this right now. I will follow up shortly.

Jesse, I have been poking around in the site. The builder is working again on my end, is it at least functional for you now?

The testimonials short code is working when I move it into a new page. I can’t figure out why it’s having trouble rendering on the homepage!?

Do you have access to the servers error logs? Any chance you could send me a copy? And or, there is an error log view plugin we use from time to time. Could I install that on the site and take a look at what’s going on? Let me know, thanks!

Yes! The builder is working again.

I don’t know where those are and I don’t have access to the server. You can go ahead and install your plugin though to track.

Thanks for fixing the apostrophe issue and continuing to work on this!

Absolutely! Thanks for giving us a try =D

I will keep playing around with that plugin and hopefully figure out what’s going on.

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Jesse, I am planning to get back in and check out the error logs today. I’ll keep your deadline in mind and do my best to get some more info to you ASAP. I noticed that the issue was only on the homepage too. I am wondering now if that testimonials widget is conflicting with a specific module. Again, I’ll get in touch ASAP.

Hi, I looked and the only thing that was different is the use of your Posts module. I just removed it from the Home Page and then the testimonials plugin worked.

Ah ha! That narrows things down a lot. I am able to recreate this now on my dev server. It’s a bug for sure and we are looking into it. It’s unlikely that we’re going to be able to push a bug fix/update before the end of the week. I apologize for that. You’ll probably want to explore other options for the time being. I’ll let you know as soon as we find something. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

Hi Jesse,

This has been fixed an will be available in the maintenance update we will be releasing this week.