Shortcode to pull content from specific post

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I use BB + Themer. I would like to use a shortcode to pull the title and content from a post with the ID ‘xy’ into different fields of a plugin (or let’s simply say the HTML module, will work if that works). I’ve been reading the articles about field connections and shortcodes in BB over and over again, I tried [wpbb post:title] and [wpbb post:title id=‘xy’] and lots of other combinations, no success. It gives me the title of the page, not of the post. Can this be done with a shortcode at all?
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Not sure it’s supported by Themer, try Custom Content Shortcode (free plugin):

E.g. if you want to output a specific post title (id “123”):
[content type=post id=123 field=title]

Don’t think that’s supported as Themer is all about the “current” view.

Sometimes it helps to have a bit more information about the use case :wink:

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Thanks a lot Avanti, it works as you proposed!
If there is a solution within BB+BT, I’m happy to learn about it, but this solves my issue for now.

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Thanks for the reply. The idea was that the field connections of Beaver Themer would allow to pull content from a post into wherever you need it (headers, module elements, etc.). But I guess it does not work for specific posts via ID, rather a connection to fields of posts in general. But the workaround with the Custom Content plugin does the trick.

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