shortcode usage


I was looking at the documentation but i can’t seem to find anything about shortcodes.

I’m basicly wondering if i use a theme that uses shortcodes for buttons, galleries,… how can you use these in beaverbuilder? Is there an easy way to add some of the most used shortcodes to the beaverbuilder interface/menu? Or do you have to type them in the textfield all the time?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Jochen,

Thanks for contacting us and for your interest in our products! You can use any shortcodes in any module you like that accepts text which is pretty much all of them. This would allow you to insert pretty much anything you like wherever you like within a page and or module. Unfortunately, at this point in time, there isn’t the ability to add commonly used shortcodes to the builder interface or menu. You’ll need to manually put in shortcodes that you would like to use. If you are using shortcodes for pretty common elements, I may suggest giving our various modules a shot in tandem!


Thanks for you quick reply Billy.

I’m a bit confused about your last sentence.

“If you are using shortcodes for pretty common elements, I may suggest giving our various modules a shot in tandem!”

Do you mean use the standard beaverbuilder features (which do look amazing btw) to design buttons, frames around text and so on? Personally i’m not a great designer so i usually try to stick to the prefab designs of a theme with the occasional fine-tuning here and there.

I think it would be a great addition to the plugin if there was a way to manage (add/remove/edit) short codes in the admin panel of the plugin, and then have a simple drop down on the front-end which would insert the selected short code in the text editor.

Thanks for the feedback, Jochen. Yes, I was suggesting using our modules and tweaking with the settings provided. You can do some very powerful layouts with what we have available, but of course, shortcodes are always an option to insert predesigned elements!


I’m a little confused myself.

You say here that we can only use a few standard shortcodes, but I was under the impression that a plugin like Shortcodes Ultimate would be compatible?

Do you have a complete list of all workable shortcodes we can cheat from?

Flipping AWESOME plugin/theme combo btw! Game changer at our agency. Keep up the good work!

Hey John,

Yes, you can use shortcodes via the HTML module. I know we have a lot of users on Shortcodes Ultimate as well if that helps. The list you referenced are our own built in shortcodes for pulling BB content which is a bit different.


Awesome! Works a charm!! Thank you.