Shortcoder not compatible with Text Editor


I’d like to use this plugin: but it doesn’t seem to be compatible with Page Builder. Specifically, the insert shortcode button does not show in the toolbar of any text editor in Page Builder; it shows in the normal wordpress editor in the admin backend. It’ll be really cool if this can work as it’ll allow me to create custom shortcodes for my clients to insert in their page builder powered pages. Do you have any suggestions on how I can get this to work?

Hi Dipo,

I will check this out in more detail when I am back at the office on Monday, but we do disable 3rd party buttons/features in the text editor. That is why the button isn’t showing up. Have you checked if the shortcodes you’ve created work if you copy/paste them into the editor versus using the shortcode button? They should still render properly.

Yes, the shortcodes render properly. I’ll just really like to have the insert shortcode button working. Please let me know how to activate this.

I’m glad the shortcodes are working. Unfortunately, this isn’t a setting we can activate easily. We made the decision to disable 3rd party editor enhancements because they were introducing too many unknowns/bugs. This might be something we look into changing someday, but for the near future it’s not a feature were planning to implement. Sorry about that.

Does this include the “Add Media” button? I only ask because on the demo site, the “Add Media” button shows but it’s not active on my installation.

Hey Bill! That’s odd, the media button should be showing up. Are you able to disable your other plugins to see if there is a conflict? And or, would it be possible to get a login to your site so we can poke around and try to figure out what’s going on?

Found the culprit -

Keep in mind, this was not active for the site, just installed across my multisite network.

Thanks for the help Robby.

Thank you Bill. We’ll look into the conflict and hopefully fix it in an upcoming update!