Show a widget pop-up with ACF and Beaver Themer


I have to add purchase options from the platform where my client is hosting her online courses so her clients can purchase directly on the website. The platform provides HTML for the purchase widgets which have to be included in text modules. The widgets work fine within the post content - I include the HTML for the widget and it shows up as a button once published. The widget then opens up as a pop-up with the relevant course info and the option to buy.

However, I would like to include them in the Themer template I am using for the course posts so the buttons show up in the header section rather than the post content. I have created an ACF field in the post and have included the HMTL for the course purchase widget. I don’t know how to link it in order to show the purchase widget - it’s just showing the HTML code as text.

Please help! Thanks, Daniela