Side Bar is not displayed

Hi, the side bar does not seem to display any content I place into it? Is there a setting I am missing somewhere?


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Hello Marina,

It’s nice to hear from you again! You need to set the page template to Sidebar before it shows on pages. Please see screenshot.
Regarding the DWS Advanced Silo widget, you can check if that works without BB enabled. If it doesn’t work without BB, there might be a configuration error or a problem with the plugin. If it works without BB, we might need to check further. :slight_smile:


Ben, thank you! It worked, including the DWS Silo widget. I liked one of the BB user’s websites I would like to make my navigation bar just like theirs - so that it stays as is while scrolling and move the banner to the left and the menu into the middle. Also I would like to add a phone number to the right. I just want the phone number to be always present at the top even when a visitors scrolls the page down. Where can I customize the menu bar such that it looks similar o theirs? Also, I like their dot navigation bar on the left. Is this something that is included in BB or they added it themselves? I am not a developer, but if you could put me in the right direction, I am willing to figure it out. Thanks in advance!

Hey Marina,

No problem at all! Regarding making the menu stick, you’ll need custom CSS to achieve that. Remove the top menu and fixed header and try these:

/* Fix the position of the header */
.fl-page .fl-page-header {
  position: fixed;
  width: 100%;
  z-index: 3; /* May change depending on your content */
/* Offset the content with the height of the header */
.fl-page .fl-page-content {
  padding-top: 81px; /* Change to height of your header */

You can learn more of CSS here.

You can move the menu to the bottom of the logo then place your phone number to the right by changing the header layout to Navigation Bottom under the Theme Customizer. You’ll also have a place to put your phone number there.

The dot navigation, they could have added themselves or it could have been a feature from their theme or it could have been a plugin, I can’t really tell.