Sidebar is not displaying on mobile

The sidebar is not displaying on mobile but shows up on desktops.

Under Content > Blog Layout, I found the option for Blog Sidebar Display which is by default set to Desktop Only.

I made sure that this setting is set to Always. I checked all options.

The sidebar is still NOT visible on mobile.

I need to use the Sidebar page template to make new pages to this website daily (page posts instead of blog posts) and need the sidebar content to always show up on mobile. Sidebar content is static (a widget) and MUST show up on mobile.

I’m not using Beaver Builder modules to create a “sidebar” in the main page area but added Widgets to the Sidebar page template.

What is the fix?

This feature IS WORKING on another site my company owns, but I didn’t build it.

Edit: I have referred to THIS PAGE and followed instructions. The sidebar still isn’t showing up.

It’s the PRIMARY SIDEBAR which is giving me the trouble.

EDIT again: I seem to have resolved the problem by selecting a CUSTOM width for my sidebar. Interesting. I wonder if some other plugin is interfering with the display. We are running a bit of a ‘unique’ site, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

Good job. I was about to answer the same.