Sidebar not displaying on mobile

Hi. The sidebar on my test site shows up when my screen is full-size. However, when I resize to make it smaller (even on my laptop), the sidebar doesn’t display (doesn’t wrap below the main column). I had Woo Sidebars installed, but deactivated it in case it was interfering.

Here is an example page. I have the Sidebar template selected, then used the Page Builder for the main area. Am I missing a step? Thanks!

Hi Lana,

Sidebar options can be adjusted using the theme customizer (Appearance -> Customize). Under Content > Blog Layout, there is an option for Blog Sidebar Display which is by default set to Desktop Only. You can change this option to Always so the sidebar will be visible on mobile. There are also other options there you can play with to suit your needs.


Thank you! That was an easy fix :slight_smile:

You’re most welcome, Lana. I will mark this as resolved. Have a good one =)


This was helpful! I just had the same problem, and I KNEW there had to be a setting I was missing. I love having this forum for help when I need it. thank you guys!

Awesome! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile: