Sidebar on Pages?

I really like the beaver theme - it’s mobile responsiveness is awesome. Posts have a sidebar built in, however not finding a way to put the theme’s common sidebar on pages. Am I missing something or can someone recommend a theme with a sidebar that’s as responsive as the beaver?

All The Best,

Hey Matt,

Thanks for getting in touch! You can actually manually add a sidebar in any page using the row layouts. We have either the right or left sidebar available to where you can insert whatever modules/widgets you like. In terms of getting the common sidebar in all pages, that can also be done on a page by page basis in the WordPress editor screen on each page. Page Attributes > Template and then select Sidebar. Let me know if you have any further questions and thanks again!


I have a similar question that I think is what Matt was asking as well.

In Theme Settings, you can set the set the Layout to have a Left or Right Sidebar. When you make this setting, the Posts appear on the page with the sidebar, but there is no way to edit what goes in the sidebar, it is just blank. If you try to edit it in the Page Builder, it won’t let you.

Is there a way to drop modules into sidebars for posts?

Additionally, it would be nice to have different sidebars appear for different types of posts. Is this possible?


Hi Jesse,

You are correct in that when you add the sidebar in the theme settings, that only correlates to the blog or posts page which pulls in WordPress widgets, not Beaver Builder modules. There isn’t a way to pull in modules to the native blog sidebar. In order to apply a sidebar on a page, you would need to pull it out of the row layouts and add it to the page. You would then be able to add modules to your hearts desire.

Further to the above, you can create a page that would be considered a blog, pull out a sidebar (right/left) and use the posts module to create your own blog layout template(s). This would give you control to do pretty much whatever you would like with our row layouts and modules.