single background for two row modules

Hello there!
I’ve a design of a site consisting of multiple pages. I am unable to think a way to achieve this design. Please see the images links.

At each design page there is header section which contains logo, contact info and navigation menu (I saved it as global row). And below it is a section containing other info i.e. heading, etc (different for each page, with different photo background).
All I want is that how the header and below section can have same background. So the header remains global but can have different background according to each page design.

Home page design
About page design


and here is screenshot of current page I set up with beaver builder.

current design screenshot

i want to make it like the design, link posted above

Hey Ali,

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Sorry, but I can’t seem to see the screenshots on your first post. I get a Requested photo was deleted message. Can you check?



These are design links I want to achieve

Hey Ali,

If you want the header section to be a global row, you can set the background on the next row instead, and add a negative bottom margin on your global row. That should pull the contents of the second row upwards behind the global row. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes! :slight_smile: