Site Options not possible with connection fields or conditional logic?

Hi there,

I thought I had used it before back when I worked for an agency, but I could be wrong!

Is it currently impossible to connect a colour or text field to a site option?

For example, I have the following options page:

But there is no option available here:

If not, I would be so grateful if someone could send me in the right direction for a function to add this. I’m a bit desperate :sweat_smile: It seems like a bizarre thing to leave out.

Thanks so much in advance!

(Ps. Conditional Logic is the same)

​Your site options appear to provided by a plugin called “My GP Pro” and looks like a bespoke plugin created by yourself.

​Here are some basic docs on how to add custom field connections
Customize field connections | Beaver Builder Knowledge Base

Thanks Pross, that doc is exactly what I needed. I should have checked more carefully! :0)

Thanks again!

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