Site Tagline not showing

Hey Guys,
I know this may not be a question for you guys here but your support has been exceptional in the past so I thought to reach out. I am using Genesis, Dynamik and Beaver Builder. For some reason I can’t find a way to get my tagline to show up in the header. Any ideas?

Hey Todd,

Sorry to say but that would be fully controlled by your theme. If there isn’t a setting in your theme to do that, you may need to hard code it to your header. You can try these quick Google results I got.


Hi Todd,

For a bit of background info, I use Gen + DWB + BB extensively. The class you have for the site title is .logo, which does not appear to be a standard DWB class for the site title. Checking some of mine where I have the site title and tagline display, their classes are, respectively, .site-title and .site-description.

With Genesis > Theme Settings > Header > Use for site title/logo set to ‘Dynamic text,’ whatever is in Settings > General > Site Title and Tagline should, by default, be displayed in the header.

This may be a question that is best asked on the Cobalt Apps Forum :slight_smile:



Upon further investigation (which means I had more coffee! :slight_smile: ), I notice you are using the ‘Launchpad-by-OBox’ plugin and also a ‘Landing’ page template.

Just to test, I set up a fresh local install of Gen + DWB + BB and set the Home page (Setting > Reading) to a Coming Soon page, which has the page template set to Landing, the supplied landing page template from Gen + DWB. The page title and tagline are NOT displayed in this configuration; only the Page Title.

UPDATE to the UPDATE :slight_smile:

I installed the Launchpad by Obox plugin and well, wouldn’t you know it … there is an option on the Launchpad > General page … Display site tagline :slight_smile: … checking that and saving, does indeed display the site tagline below the site title on the Launchpad page :slight_smile:

Hey Lyle,

That’s so awesome of you for figuring this out! Thanks! :slight_smile:


If you need anything further, let us know. :slight_smile:


Hi Lyle,
Thank you so much for your response!!
I apologize because I think I sent you on a little bit of a wild goose chase :slight_smile: I am actually having an issue getting the site tagline/description to show up on my site not on the landing page. I actually did not mean to have that activated when you went to view it.

I turned it off for now in hopes you might be able to see my actual site and see that in the header there is the site title but not the tagline. I still cannot find any settings that can get it to appear. Do you have any further ideas.
Thank you again!!!

Hi Todd,

Thought that may have been a tad too easy :slight_smile:

However, this should be as well.

.site-description {
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0px;
    color: #333;
    font-family: "PT Sans","sans-serif";
    font-size: 0rem;
    font-weight: 300;

Using Firebug for Firefox, the above is the CSS for your site description. As you’ll notice, the font size is set to 0 rem for some reason.

Go to Genesis > Dynamik Design > Header > Header Tagline Font and make sure there is a value for size, other than zero of course :slight_smile:

Very nice looking site, BTW :slight_smile:


You are brilliant Lyle!! Thank you so so much!!!

Ok…one more question…
I am not even sure how I got the title to be centered.
Can you direct me on how to center the title and tagline as well as to un-center them and place them on left side?

Thank yoU!!Todd

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I see you have the align-left sorted, and for centering both the title and description, I found this doing a search in the Cobalt Apps forum for “center site title” :