Sldeshows not working when loading page with XMLHttpRequest


We are creating a plugin so that people can create een online magazine of some sort.
Now we have everything working but when we add a slideshow or content slider to a page there will be a blank space the size of the height you give it.

It looks like isn’t rendering de slideshows.
We’ve search this over this form to get a solution but we can not find any that works.

Can someone help us with this?

I’ve did already get it to work by doing a getScript from jQuery en executing the script like this:

jQuery.getScript(publin_php_vars.siteUrl + “/wp-content/uploads/bb-plugin/cache/” + pageid + ‘-layout.js’, function() {

this can get de site url and the path to the layout.js file that corresponds with the page that is loading in de plugin.