Slider - Heading & Text above or below image

Hi Guys,

Is it possible to have a slider with the heading and text above or below the image ?

Thanks in advance, Dean

Hey Dean,

You should be able to create a slider with the Heading and Text above the image via our Content Slider module. Just create a slide with no background and change the Content Layout type to Text & Photo and on the Style tab, change the Text Position to Center.

Doing one where the Heading and Text are on the bottom can be done using our Posts Slider module. Just simply set up the slider then over to the Styles tab, change the Text position to Bottom.

Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:


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Hey Dean,

That’s because you’ve set the Text Width to 100%. If you use the Left Position, it places the text to the left and the image to the right. Since you’ve set the Text Width to 100%, the image width is 0%. Same way in reverse for the Right Position. You’ll want to use the Center Position. :slight_smile:


Hi Ben

OK, I get it now. I was thinking this was positioning the text left-center-right within it;s container and not the whole layout.

Thanks for your help

No worries! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: