Slider image sizes and right align phone number

Hi there, can you let me know the correct size to make the full width image slider?

Also, is it possible to right align the phone number at the top of the page?

Hi Kay! Are you having trouble getting the slider to go full width or are you curious about what size images to use? To make a slider full width, you’ll want to make sure to set the row width and content width to Full Width first. Here is a screen shot:

First, go to the row settings:

Then select full width:

Also, make sure you zero out all of the margins on the content slider.

To align the phone number, in the theme settings you can choose whether to have one or two columns in the top bar area. If you choose one column, the text will be centered by default, but if you choose two columns it will left/right align.

Lastly, unfortunately you will need to turn off comments on a page by page basis. You might try this plugin,, to globally disable comments. But, I have not used it before so I am not sure if it will do the trick. Let me know if it works for you!