Slider link not working

I have a slider on my homepage I set the hyperlink on the slide in the call to action field, but it complete ignores it. I’ve checked and rechecked, any ideas would be appreciated.

I looked at my code and here is what I see

<div class=“fl-slide-mobile-photo”></div> <div class=“fl-slide-foreground clearfix”>
<div class=“fl-slide-content-wrap”><div class=“fl-slide-content”><div class=“fl-slide-text”></p>
</div></div></div><div class=“fl-slide-photo-wrap”><div class=“fl-slide-photo”></div></div> </div>

I don’t even see it adding the link in anywhere to link to.


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Hi Stephen,

Did you get it sorted? The link in the call to action field works here for me. I’m taking it that you are referring to the ‘Get Started!’ going the the hosting order form.


Hey Stephen,

I just tried the same thing from my end and it works fine same as Lyle’s.

Edit: Weird, the content slider didn’t work when I first visited the site. But now it does and I am seeing a link per slide?


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