Slider not works with UABB Advanced Tabs


  • Beaver Builder Plugin (Standard Version) 2.7.22
  • Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder 1.35.15

we have one post with UABB Advanced Tabs (from Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder) that contains 3 tabs. inside each tab, we load a diferent saved row.

first saved row is a static content: image, title and text - no problem

second saved row is also statid content: title, text and table - no problem

last saved row has text and a slider, but when is published and you visit the post, the slider is not working.

is there any conflic of javascripts or are not loaded? can you put some light on?

thanks in advance, Joseba.

Sliders tend to set themselves up when a page loads, if they are hidden in a tab the slider will not know the page has loaded … I bet if you select the tab then resize the browser slightly your slider will init

no, I resize the browser with the third tab active and nothing, still wrong… thanks for your time!

Thats all I have without seeing the page. Perhaps UABB have a way to trigger the slider in the advanced tab, have you asked their support?

not for now, but now I will do… thanks again!