Slider size Full width

Hi, I’m a bit confused with the proper slider width for full width sites. I have looked in similar questions answered in the forum but they don’t seem to resolve my issue. I have a slider I’m testing out with an image at 2000x955 px. I have done everything suggested, including the 0 margins and the fullwidth settings in the row. It looks great on a large screen imac and also on mobile. My problem is that the photo cuts on the sides on my 13 inch macbook. Someone has any explanation for that and settings to check and recommend? Thanks

Hey Charles,

I tend to use images somewhere in the 1700px width range and that works great for me. Full width crops based on the browser window and that’s natural behavior that you won’t be able to get around regardless of the slider you use. Perhaps try a bit smaller in terms of width and see how that goes? This thread may have some CSS you could work with if you want to take a look. Hope that helps!


Thanks Billy I’ll look into that.