Slideshow Module Formatting Issue

I’m using the Slideshow Module for the first time and having some difficulty getting the sizing & placement to work as desired. I’m working with a fixed width (1140px) single column layout. I want the Slideshow Module to go edge-to-edge – the whole 1140px. Can’t seem to make it happen with the padding and margin controls in the Slideshow Module itself and/or in the padding and margin controls in the containing row. No matter what I do I’m left with a 40px space on either side.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hey Leslie,

Thanks for getting in touch and sorry to hear about the issues! Would you mind shooting over a link so we can take a look?


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Billy, just checking that you could see my private reply.

Yes, I got it, thanks. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for us to troubleshoot without being able to inspect a live site, sorry about that! You are welcome to get back to us when you get it live and I would be happy to troubleshoot from there. It appears there may be some padding being applied by the theme that we’ll have to remove with custom CSS, but again, until I can inspect live, our hands are a bit tied. :frowning:



OK, I’ve got some live views for you to troubleshoot.

My objective is to get the Slideshow Module and the basic Image Module to run the full width of the content area (1140px) and to be flush against the upper navigation bar.


  1. The landing page (HOME) has the Slideshow Module in the layout with a placeholder image. Note the scaling of the image. There have been no customizations to the margins, padding, etc of the content area or the Slideshow Module.

  2. The page entitled “Giardino Experience” has the basic Image Module in the layout with a placeholder image. There have been no customizations to the margins, padding, etc of the content area or the basic Image Module.

  3. It’s important that these modules remain reponsive after any custom CSS additions.

  4. In addition to Genesis & Beaver Builder I’m using the Dynamic Website Builder from Cobalt Apps.

Hello Leslie,

Upon checking, it seems that the theme itself is what’s preventing us from going full width. It has several padding on several wrappers. Since you are using the Dynamik theme, you can check out this entry from for instructions on how to go full width. It’s a site dedicated for Genesis + Beaver Builder and has several how to’s and is managed by our very own Colin.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for that, Ben. I’ll give that solution a whirl and report my results in this thread.

Looks like that solution you linked to is for stretching content, modules, etc to the full width of the browser. I’m trying to get the modules to fit the full width of the FIXED 1140px layout.

Can that solution be adapted for my purposes…?

Hey Leslie,

The article Ben mentioned is for getting rows to be full width. As long as your row settings have the content width set to fixed, your content will remain within the fixed layout. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!


I should also mention that full width in this scenario would be to the full width of your boxed theme if that makes sense. Regardless, I would suggest giving it a shot to see how it goes for you.

OK, that solution worked after all. Note that I had to select one of the pre-loaded BB templates/layouts to get it working AFTER following the instructions in the link privided by Ben above.

Thanks for your assistance !!

Hey Leslie,

Glad to know you got it working! You don’t really need to select a template to get a full width row. You can set the row to be Full Width under the Advanced tab. Setting the content inside the row to Full Width can also be found on the same tab. See screenshot for reference.
Anyway, I’ll be marking this as resolved now. Enjoy The Beaver! :slight_smile: